How do I book you and how much does it cost?

The first thing you need to do is check out my wedding guide, learn about me, and talk with your partner about which collection is the best for your wedding. The next thing to do is drop me a note so we can go over all the glorious details of your wedding! Start thinking about what vibe you’re going for. Do you want a rustic outdoorsy wedding? A bright beach wedding? An elegant black tie event? I want to get to know your personality and see what your mood board looks like so we can create some stunning images together. The next steps to secure a spot with me would be to sign the wedding photography contract highlighting which package you chose and send me a retainer to hold the date. After that, we’ll be in touch periodically as the timeline for your wedding gets finalized, and then I’ll be there bright and early on your wedding day to get started! The reminder of the payment is due on the wedding day. Don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call to discuss! The packages are rough outlines, but they can be tailored based on your specific needs!

What happens on the day of my wedding?

I’ll capture you getting ready, the details, the ceremony, family photos, couple portraits, the reception, and any other special moments happening! Basically I’ll be right next to you all day long, snapping away posed and candid shots. I like to have the couple make a shot list of all the most important moments they’d like captured throughout the day, that way I can make sure I don’t miss them! You can find an example wedding shot list here.

Why should I hire you for my wedding?

Great question! Let me start by saying that I LOVE love. Like, seeing people in love is my jam, and photography is my favorite thing in the entire world, so combining those two makes for a great wedding day! Besides being super cheerful and excited, I have 8 years of photography experience to back it up, including styled shoots in New York City for wedding dress designer Hayley Paige, and my fellow Missouri gal Kirsten Paige dresses. But don’t just take my word for it! Check out a few testimonials from some wonderful clients I’ve had over the years!

I hate being photographed--help?!

First of all, take a deep breath! Over half of the individuals I photograph don't feel super comfortable in front of the camera, so no need to be worried. I'm very used to helping you pose and feel comfortable during our photoshoot so we can get the best photos possible. Feel free to check out my posing guide to give you some ideas before the shoot.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes, I do! In fact, destination weddings are some of the most fun shoots I’ve been a part of. A few of my favorite cities included London, England; Nassau, Bahamas; San Diego, California; and Vero Beach, Florida! A flat $1,000 travel fee is added for destinations in the continental US. Drop me an email if you’re thinking of booking me outside the USA and we can discuss!

Do I get prints?

Some wedding photographers offer packages that include prints, which is super awesome! I’ve found that my clients love the flexibility of getting all of the digital files from their special day so they can choose which ones they’d like to get printed on their own. However, I do recommend for getting prints made of your photos. They are really high quality and have a super speedy turnaround time. I also use Mpix for my Etsy store prints, and they've always provided the most high quality images for me.

What is your wedding photography style?

My background is in portraiture and fashion, so I definitely love to bring those elements when I’m shooting weddings. I like to style the details, plan bridal portraits, and make the couple look like they’re on the cover of Vogue. If you’re looking for photos that look like they’re straight out of a Pinterest page, I’m your gal! Think cute, bright, and fun!

Can you send me the RAW photos?

A huge part of the photography process is the editing that happens after the shoot. Editing styles vary greatly between photographers, and when we do the shoot, I capture the images with the editing style in mind. So to give the RAW, unedited files, I’d be doing you a disservice by only completing half of the process included in our photoshoot. Don’t worry, I’ll send you high resolution JPEG files so you can get all the prints made, but my policy is that I don’t give out RAW files. If you're looking for a shoot where you have access to the RAW files, I'm not your gal.

How many photos do I get from my wedding?

The amount of photos you'll receive correlates to the number of hours I shoot at your wedding. For 5-6 hours of wedding photography, you'll receive between 300-500 images. For 7-8 hours, it would be around 400-600 images, and for 9-10 hours, 600-800 images. It varies per wedding, but to get the most amount of photos from your day, you need a schedule that allows time to take pictures! Throughout the process leading up to your wedding, we'll work closely together to make sure the timeline allows enough room to get some stunning shots!

Can you Photoshop me?

I like to highlight all the best parts about you and don't believe in altering people in Photoshop to look unlike themselves. That being said, small details like blemishes and frizzy hair can be removed to show you in your best light. I brighten all the images, color correct, and smooth out the skin. Any other body alterations beyond that won’t make you look like you, and isn’t part of the package. If you have any areas that you’re concerned about, give me a heads up before the shoot and we can talk about it.

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