Gaby is a commercial photographer based in NYC.

Gaby is adventurous, energetic, and lives up to the “gabby” part in her name. Gaby’s favorite style of photography is portraiture, and the exciting challenge of using photography as a medium to capture the likeness and personality of those around her. Gaby spent the past few years in London, shooting for London Fashion Week, ASBO Magazine, stylists, bloggers, and fashionistas.

Based out of New York City, Gaby has a wide range of hands-on professional photography experience through freelance projects and assignments. Gaby's work has taken her to 26 countries and 140 cities, including her favorite, London. Gaby is on a constant search for ways to fuel her creativity, and often finds inspiration while walking through the city with her earbuds in listening to music. Gaby is available for assignment worldwide.

And now, some fun facts!

Things have always been interesting in Gaby's world, starting when she was born in a car on the way to the hospital! New York has influenced her love of black hoodies and Doc Martens, but you might also catch her in head to toe pink if she's in the right mood.

Gaby is a Libra. In Harry Potter terms: she's a Ravenclaw and her patronus is a unicorn. She knows every word to the Broadway musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda (and she might have stalked him a little bit in London).

If it's the weekend, you can find Gaby making an ice cream sundae (not complete without sprinkles) or heading to a music festival to cover herself in glitter and dance with her friends until the sun rises.

Gaby once dyed her hair pink and her favorite number is 3. Gaby is always down for an adventure of any size, and her favorite past time is surrounding herself with interesting humans to share stories and experiences.

Oh, and Gaby LOVES love. Her favorite movie is Finding Nemo (Noggin, DUDE) and she once backpacked around Switzerland by herself for a week straight!

Photography is more than a career for Gaby, it's a deeply embedded piece of her creativity, and a way to make sense of the world around her. Gaby would make pictures even if no one paid her to (but she's super glad people pay her to).

If you want to get to know Gaby, or meet up in the city for a shoot, or even just share a cup of tea and chat about life, drop her an email at or a DM on Instagram @gdeimz 🌸

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How'd you get started with photography?

It's kind of a funny story. When I was around twelve years old, my mom gave me her old point and shoot camera to take to a concert. But instead of taking pictures of the band, I shot my first portrait.

I'll never forget the moment. I turned around, and there was a girl with a sunhat with colored beads on her head, and she was wearing a lavender tank top to match. She had her head turned and was looking off in the distance. Almost instinctively, I put the camera to my eye and clicked the button.

And just like that, I snapped my first portrait. I looked down at the shot in awe. I didn't even have the terminology yet to understand that was a portrait of her face I had taken, but I knew it was something important.

I looked up at my mom and showed her the photo. I waited to gauge her reaction. Her eyes got wide and her mouth turned into a frown. "Gaby!" she exclaimed, "You can't take pictures of strangers!"

Nevertheless, I kept taking pictures until my parents finally agreed that it wasn't just a phase. I took my camera absolutely everywhere I went: basketball practice in elementary school, summer camp in high school, college parties, and then to London for grad school.

And here we are almost twelve years later, and I'm so lucky to get to do the whole camera thing as my career. Every day I wake up and get so excited, because I have the best job in the entire world. Photography has been one of the most challenging and exciting creative endeavors so far in my life, and I'm so grateful for it.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Here's a list of Gaby's top travel moments (in no particular order).

1. Hiking up a glacier in Iceland

2. (Not so legally) cliff jumping in Croatia

3. New Years Eve fireworks in London

4. Living in a tent at Bonnaroo in Tennessee

5. Scuba diving with stingrays in Cozumel

6. Attending the Women's World Cup in Winnipeg

7. Horseback riding with her mom in Portugal

8. Making a homemade darkroom in a villa in Tuscany

9. Sunsets from the Rainbow Room in New York City

10. Going to a concert in a theme park on an island in Sweden

We're Loud.

We get excited and we’re very expressive. We want to share our uniqueness with the world. We imagine and dream. The weirder the idea, the better. Creativity is important to us. We make messes, we explore, we learn.

We believe in excellence.

Above all, we make the highest quality work. We’re striving for perfection, always. We don’t miss the small details. Five minutes ahead of time is on time. We’re working toward greatness, and we do it with a smile.

We hustle.

We’re speedy and we’re on our shit. We’re high performers. We work hard, not until the day is over, but until the job gets done. Every day moves us closer to our goals. We think that we’re going to change the world. Because we are.

We're in this together.

We’re invested in you. We create experiences that build confidence and community. We’re empathetic and empowering. We give support. We’ll make you feel comfortable enough to show your boldness to the world.

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