bed project

The world tends to associate photography with the truth. Videocameras prove who was where and what happened. Photojournalists use photography to visually show news, tragedies, and exciting events. But to me, photography is a work of fiction. A photograph is filled with the ideas and life experiences of the mind behind the lens. We–photographers and artists–use it as a canvas to convey ideas and highlight elements from the world around us, while leaving room for the viewer to interpret as they wish. It’s fascinating to me how humans can draw so much from ambiguous imagery, and I aimed to explore that in this series. These were some of the thoughts circling my head when I had the idea for my latest photo series. It’s called bed.

The collection is a 31-image series and it focuses on one month of a young woman’s life. Purposefully, everything about the visual aspect of the series is full of ambiguity, leading the viewer to incorporate their own experiences and ideas into the frame. It’s meant to be relatable, yet open enough that a narrative can be imagined. The order of images is also important; it tells a story.

My best friend–who happens to be the model– asked me to channel feelings from my personal life into a creative endeavor, creating photos that represented my perspective of “a love that didn’t work but was valid anyway.” I think the series shows intimacy and the effect that a long term relationship has, and simultaneously, the feelings that occur when it ends. Needless to say, I can relate, and in a lot of ways, everyone can. Society is so willing to promote unrealistic ideals of “true love,” yet we as a culture are much less open about acknowledging the harsh reality of losing the people closest to us, or what happens when the ‘happily ever after’ ends. I think women especially have a complex duality to face: to appear to be strong and unfazed, or to honestly acknowledge pain, loss, and in turn, weakness? I want the series to foster that type of dialogue and thoughtfulness.

I hope you extract some sentiment from the work, or even that it makes you contemplate the ideas of love, loss, sleep, and the emotional connections we subconsciously make between them. Check out the work right here on my website.

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