"Other women who are killing it should motivate you, thrill you, challenge you, and inspire you."  -Taylor Swift

In January 2019, Gaby Deimeke started a photo series capturing the portraits of female founders, creators, dreamers, doers and entrepreneurs in New York City, partly to recognize these remarkable innovators and groundbreakers, but also to learn from them and discover the skills and behaviors linking them to success. 

Just over a year later, the first 50 portraits from the series have been completed. The thread that emerged is the determination and resilience every single one of them has to show up every day for their dreams. These women went for it. At the tipping point, they bet on themselves and their ability to create something that could make the world a better place. I hope that through seeing their stories, you see pieces of yourself, too. 

These are badass women. Here are their portraits.