Gaby is a commercial photographer based in NYC.

Gaby is adventurous, energetic, and lives up to the “gabby” part in her name. Gaby’s favorite style of photography is portraiture, and the exciting challenge of using photography as a medium to capture the likeness and personality of those around her. Gaby spent the past few years in London, shooting for London Fashion Week, ASBO Magazine, stylists, bloggers, and fashionistas.

Based out of New York City, Gaby has a wide range of hands-on professional photography experience through freelance projects and assignments. Gaby's work has taken her to 26 countries and 140 cities, including her favorite, London. Gaby is on a constant search for ways to fuel her creativity, and often finds inspiration while walking through the city with her earbuds in listening to music. Gaby is available for assignment worldwide.

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